Alino by OutBack Power
Tháng Tư 27, 2020
Inverter FXR / VFXR Series
Tháng Tư 27, 2020
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Alino TL by OutBack Powe

Solar Power Conditioning Unit

  • Available in the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Available as ATL3024E (24VDC 3,000W) and ATL5048E (48VDC 5,000W), 50/60Hz
  • Built-in 80A, 450VDC solar charge controller; can drive AC loads off of PV array
  • Max PV array 5,000W at 48V and 3,000W at 24V
  • A detachable LCD display provides comprehensive monitoring
  • Full programmable battery charger for lead acid and Lithium ion batteries
  • CE Mark, certified to IEC62109-1,-2
  • Online monitoring available, Optics RE interface available soon


The Alino TL is a compact, lightweight off-grid inverter that is ideal for rugged installations that require OutBack Power reliability.

The Alino TL by OutBack Power offers a complete inverter and solar charge controller solution in one. The ability to add batteries now or in the future helps to meet the goals for emerging markets around the world. To choose seal, flooded or Lithium provides a full range of storage options. A significant investment in renewable energy does not need to end when the batteries do, the Alino TL will continue to provide AC power during strong sunlight hours. With a grid connected Alino and PV; self-consumption resulting in a reduced power bill can be accomplished with or without storage. With Time Of Use, you can choose when to use the grid, batteries, or charge from the PV array. The Alino TL will offer monitoring and data collection through Optics RE, to complement the blue tooth connection and Android App built into the Alino TL.

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