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High Efficiency LG Mono X® Plus 72cell Module Cells: 6 x 12 Module efficiency 17.4% Connector Type: MC4

Enhanced Performance Warranty

LG Mono X® Plus has an enhanced performance warranty. The initial degradation of cells has -2, and the annual rate of degradation has fallen -0.55/yr.

Reduced LID

LG Mono X® Plus has reduced the initial degradation of solar cells by applying LG’s new LiLY (LID-improvement for Lifetime Yield) Technology, which controls the reaction of Boron and Oxygen, the main cause of LID (Light Induced Degradation).

Improved Product Warranty

As well as the enhanced performance warranty, LG Mono X® Plus is covered by product warranty for 12 years.

Light and Convenient

LG Mono X® Plus has been carefully designed, it weighs just 21.3kg(46.9 lb) and has better grips that allow for quick installation.

Mechanical Properties

Certifications and Warranty

Temperature Characteristics

Electrical Properties (STC*)

Electrical Properties (NOCT*)

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