Hòa lưới điện Sunny Central 2200 / 2500

Hòa lưới điện Sunny Boy 3600 / 5000 Smart Energy
Tháng Ba 9, 2018
Hòa lưới điện Sunny Central 500CP XT / 630CP XT / 720CP XT / 760CP XT
Tháng Ba 9, 2018
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Hòa lưới điện Sunny Central 2200 / 2500


More power per cubic meter
Up to 4 inverters can be transported in one standard shipping container
Over-dimensioning up to 150%


Proven high-precision air-cooling system for intelligent, effective cooling
Can be installed outdoors anywhere in the world in any ambient condition


Conforms to all known grid requirements worldwide
Provides Q on demand
Available as a stand-alone or turnkey solution with mediumvoltage block

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